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"Skynet Watches"




That moment when you realize that John Barrowman, was the dude like looked like Germany from the producers.





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just promo.

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miyukisuoh-deactivated20120901 sent: Hello, Truth, Tender, Break[GOMEN FOR THAT ONE], Sick

Hello; Kaoru ran his fingers through his auburn locks as he walked arm and arm with his twin. Tamaki and Haruhi were at the hospital, they had called them all at a very awkward time. Two in the morning abouts.  But, it was brilliant knews. Tono and Haru-chan had a beautiful baby girl. Miyuki Suoh. Naturally they decided to let the couple enjoy their splendor and went later that day. It was around four o’clock in the afternoon as the two strolled into the hospital room. Hikaru jumping to Haruhi’s side and hugging her while Kaoru walked past the three of them to the small crib where the smallest Suoh lay. Brown tufts of hair on her head and furled in a flamboyantly pink recieving blanket.

Kaoru couldn’t help but laugh at the colour, probably of Boss’ choosing. While everyone was fawning over Haruhi, Kaoru lifted the bundle into his arm and brought her to his chest. Taking place in the corner seat as he looked down at the baby. What a sweet thing.. She didn’t so much as cry when she opened her violet eyes to look at him curiously. He blinking when he found three other sets of eyes on him. 

"She didn’t cry?"

"Hm? Was she supposed to? I didn’t break her I swear! She’s.. She looks so much like the both of you.."

"No no. Just. Lately when the nurses try to pick her up she starts to cry unless she’s with Tamaki or myself.. She must trust you Kaoru."

"Yeah. She must." A small smile crossed his lips as he looked down at the baby girl who gave him a toothless little grin. One falling across his own as he chuckled. Now, he wanted one of his own. Crap.

Truth: “Neh? Miyuki is the most adorable little girl! I’m not sure how Tono managed to put any DNA into someone so sweet and cute. Honestly.”

Tender: Kaoru laid back on the Suoh couch, he was babysitting for the couple for their ‘date night’. He shuddered to think about how sickeningly cute the two were probably being. He couldn’t even… Cooties. Yuck. He let out a little chuckle at the thought as he watched the little girl burble and play with her various toys only to find she had yawned. Oh? Did she need a nap?

Maybe. The male pushed himself off of the couch as he scooped the little girl up into his arms. Grinning broadly before flopping back onto the couch Miyuki seated on his stomach. Blinking at him with tired violet eyes. “Mrr?” Kaoru ruffled her hair softly as he shifted her to lay against his chest. “Little Miyu~chan looks sleepy, ne? Maybe she needs a nap.” He could hear a huff in retort, a chuckle leaving his lips when she didn’t budge. She knew it. She just didn’t want to. It made sense to him. His hand rolled up and down the girl’s back in a soothing fashion as he let his own eyes close. “Hush little hime don’t say a word, Unco Kaoru’s going to buy you a mocking bird. And should that mocking bird not sing. Unco Kaoru’s gonna buy you a diamond ring, and should that diamond ring turn brass. Unco Kaoru’s going to buy you a looking glass, and should that looking glass be broke. Unco Kaoru’s going to buy you a stuffed toy called goat, and should that toy be not plush. Unco Kaoru’s going to buy you a dog named Rush, and should that dog named Rush be mute. He’ll take him to the best vet in Japan and give you a flute. And should that flute still not play. You’ll still be Unco Kaoru’s favorite little baby.”

He tilted to press a kiss to the top of the child’s head, blinking at the lock of reaction. Turning his head slightly to find that the infant was.. just plain passed out on his chest. He could only smile as he jsut laid there. Letting his own eyes fall shut. He needed a nap himself.

Break: [Uhm. I can’t forfeit or anything can I.. asklfjk Fawk.] Violet eyes stared at the Orange locked man. Why wasn’t Uncle Kaoru paying attention to her anymore? He sat there making googly eyes at this pretty boy he met from across the party. Her parents were at the Hitachiin home as they celebrated a union of two different businesses. She didn’t really care. Or know for that matter. What was bothering her is how much that boy was touching her Uncle Kaoru. Holding him around his hips. Hugging him close. And he didn’t even to notice she was there.

Then. As a child’s instinct was to when they were upset a very very loud cry left her lips, everyone seemed to look except Unco Kaoru.. Didn’t he like her anymore? Soon she would be passed around in several arms to try and console her. He never noticed. So enveloped in this male that wasn’t in the slighest nice. 

In an effort to try and impress Kaoru he took the little girl and held her close. Well. Lets say Miyuki didn’t agree to that much and instead choose to struggle and wriggle in the man’s arms. When suddenly she was plucked from those arms and given a stern look by the man with ember eyes. “Miyuki.” The male said, leaving the affectionate suffix off. “Be nice to Mister Koiju.” But afterwards he held the small girl to his chest. Patting her back gently as he shook his head. A smile creeping on his lips.

Who knew little girls could get so jealous. 

Sick: The male sighed as he brushed his fingers over the small girls forehead, biting on his lower lip with worry. This wasn’t good. But he would have to appear calm. Especially since Tamaki seemed to be freaking out about it and he doubted that was helping the little girl in anyway. Baka.. He let himself lean over the crib  of the little girl as he watched her. Frowning as a small whimper left her lips, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t just watch her. He pulled the child from her bed and pulled her close to his chest. Rubbing her small back as she fell into a coughing fit, letting out a small cry having been frightened by the action. “Ne~ Miyu-hime, it’s okay. I promise. Just a little cough. You’ll be all better soon.” The girl let out a mumble of a sound before nuzzling the male’s chest. She didn’t like being sick, but attention from Uncle Kaoru was alright.


Miyuki Suoh-mun should message me, so I can give her my skype or something. Then we can fangirl over Doctor Who.








he makes me scared of li ving

I can’t walk in the shadows anymore. BUT I STILL BLINK. I guess I don’t mind being transported in the past.